Corporate Social Responsibility

NiHAO created and implemented a social development and management program whose objectives are:

1. Community empowerment;

2. To meet the minimum basic needs of the mining communities and enhance human welfare;

3. To assist in the establishment of a self-sustained livelihood projects;

4. To provide construction materials and ensure availability of heavy equipment for various local social infrastructure projects;

5. To assist in the preservation and protection of the communities’ socio-cultural values


Examples of actual programs being/ to be implemented:

1. Skills training on driving and heavy equipment operation

2. Training & micro-financing on mushroom production

3. Training & micro-financing on handicraft making

4. Training & micro-financing on baking and pastry

5. Training & micro-financing production

6. Training on entrepreneurship

7. Training on fish production

8. Furniture making (micro-financing)

9. Hollow blocks making (micro-financing)

10, Micro-financing of feeds

11. Construction of drainage, canal

12. Maintenance of river flood control

13. Improvements in the Baranggay Hall

14. Construction of small bridge

15. Improvement of day care center

16. Salary subsidy of daycare teachers

17. Scholarship grants

18. Provision of school supplies

19. Assistance to school activities

20. Completion and provision of water system facility

21, Medical, Dental Mission

22. Establishment of a Botika ng Baranggay

23. Assistance to sports

24. Vegetable gardening

25. Provision of health instruments/ apparatus